What Does My Day of Geography Look Like? Map Library Associate/Geospatial Data Coordinator

Darren Platakis

Nov. 16, 2016

I work in a fishbowl called the Map, Data & GIS Library (MDGL). I’m always on the frontline helping students with a variety of requests from navigating Mackenzie Chown Complex to extracting remote sensing data or using HTML to make a web mapping application! I LOVE to help students and thrive on geospatial data requests or GIS problem-solving issues. When I'm not helping students, I’m working on digitization projects that make historical map documents GIS-ready.

For example: historical topo mapshistorical air photos; and historical maps. I also try to keep the MDGL on the cutting edge of technology often my ideas are ahead of their time. None-the-less, exploring geospatial data availability, quality and delivery are my priority so that the Brock University community is served the best data to meet their teaching and research needs. I love my job!

Posted on behalf of Sharon Janzen – Brock University Map, Data & GIS Library.





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