Tradition of Week of Geography in Czechia

Silvie Rita Kucerova

Nov. 17, 2017

Since 2006, the Czech Geographic Society's Branch Northern Bohemia, has organized a Week of Geography. This traditional science popularization activity is coming into its ninth year. On this occasion we are pleased to join the international Day of Geography within Geography Awareness Week.

This year we try to make a small step to organize a national Week of Geography with other geographical academic institutions across the whole country.

Until this year (2014), Department of Geography in Usti nad Labem was the only host department of the Week of Geography on the date around 17th November, although various other science popularization activities were being organized throughout the year in Czechia. The Week of Geography in Usti­ nad Labem has been primarily aimed at university students, and to a lesser extent at the wider audience interested in geography. It has been composed of presentations and workshops, discussions on actual topics, as well as film projections and small exhibitions and poster exhibitions.




As examples we can list these activities:

- a lecture from necrogeography

- an Arabic language lesson

- a workshop in 3D modelling of cities

- a presentation on the discovery of the Amazon River sources by prof. JanskÃ, a leader of the expedition

- a discussion on cartographic production for schools with a publisher

- a film discussing the destruction of settlements through open coal mining in Northern Bohemia

- an exhibition of old atlases

- students presentations from their journeys

A regular part of the week program is the Career Day in Geography, where former students are invited to talk about the usefulness of geography for their contemporary jobs. The Day of Geography (usually on Thursday) is aimed at further education of geography teachers from primary and secondary schools. Friday is connected with GIS Day.

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